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Welcome to Todd's humble abode....
A thoroughly useless web page since August 12, 1996.

"Todd, I'm sure your life story is fascinating, and I appreciate your embrace of Spartan, ugly, early 90's web design techniques, but I'm really here for the useful and probably way outdated information you've assembled on...."
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Contact: If you'd like to contact me or shower me with money, please send email to: todd then put that @ sign thingee in followed by this domain.
Not that anyone cares per se, but perhaps we have something in common to shoot the breeze about?
  • Music I play drums, bass, and guitar. See my band history page for sordid details of my musical past.
  • Consumer advocacy. Among the things I hate is marketing bullsh*t. Exposing weasels, scammers, folks who don't 'get' customer service or how to be a reasonable human, and trumpeting people and organizations that do things right is kinda fun.
  • Computers and stuff. I recently started a blog that references recent projects and/or ramblings on challenges that came up and how I fixed em in hopes of becoming altruistic search engine foder
  • Bunnies Learn all about the care and feeding of the house rabbit. I miss the little critters.
  • Photography. I shoot with big f/2.8 lenses on a Canon EOS Elan, 300D and Canon G2!
I used to have time for all of these when I was trying to become a Renaissance Man of some sort. Ah, those college days. I still have all these hobbies, and can't entertain them all in parallel. Unfortunately, that doesn't prevent me from trying.

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